Price Comparisons!

While I was at Michael's I did a few price comparison's (yes I shop there too).  Often people will say they can get items cheaper at Michael's with a coupon.

Here are a couple comparisons.

Disney Mickey Icon Adhesive Buttons: Michael's Regular price $6.99 (40% off $4.19) vs ScrapbookingOasis price $4.28 on sale for $3.29. (Same for EK SUCCESS - Jolee's Disney Dimensional Stickers - Mickey).

Scotch Advanced Tape Glider & Tape: Michael's Regular price $59.99 (40% off $35.99) vs our price $34.99 on sale for $21.36.

Our Tombow adhesive was $0.10 more than Michael's price with a coupon so guess what - we changed our price! We are now less.

Springfield packaged clothes - Michael's price $13.49 (40% off $8.09) vs our regular price $9.49 on sale for $7.41

Springfield Collection Skates - Michael's price $11.99 (40% off $7.19) vs our regular price $8.49 on sale for $6.47. (and other Springfield collection items are less at ScrapbookingOasis)

We may not always be able to beat Michael's 40% off price but we try!  As a bonus our price does not require a coupon or have multiple restrictions.  Yes, there are shipping fees with purchases with us (unless you can pick up locally) but saving 40%+ on your entire order instead of 1 items stretches your dollar further!


Liquidation Sale!

Happy 2014!!

We have decided to Liquidate the website to reassess our future at ScrapbookingOasis.com

Lots of low low prices!  

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Inventory levels may not be accurate but we do our best to keep them up to date.

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