E-mail Scrapbook Parties - Like Tupperware Only Better!

Earn Free Scrapbooking Supplies!

Earn a minimum of 10% of the total sales plus bonuses!

How does it work?
1) Contact us stating you are interested in an E-mail Party include the date you would like your party to start and end (max. length of a party is 1 week). It is optional for you to provide the names of friends you wish to invite.

2) I will send you a coupon code for you to send out to all your friends to use. This code is unique to your party! This coupon code lets me know who is part of your party. We will provide a sample invitation for you to send out to your friends.

3) All sales will be tabulated at the end of the party and you will be e-mailed a gift voucher for our website. The gift voucher is a percentage of the sales you party brought.

4) The coupon code for party guest to use will give them 15% off their order. Additional discounts do not apply. Free shipping for orders over $100 (shipping will be deducted after order).

Your Earnings:
Sell Your Earnings For each Friend who also hosts a party
$0-$100 10% add 1%
$101-$200 15% add 1%
$201-$300 20% add 1%
$301-$400 25% add 1%
for each $100 over an additional 1% to a max of 30%

Special Gift offers for Parties over $500. Vary for each month.
Ask us what the offer is this month!

Guests can pay with:
Money Order *
Cheque *
E-mail money transfer (Canada Only)
Cash on Pick Up (Local customers, who pick up order only)
*Please note that party cannot be closed until all payments are received.

Here is a sample of what you will send out to your friends (out of town party):

I am hosting an e-mail party between December 5 -18, 2004.
When you shop at my e-mail party and enter the coupon code Sylvia at the check out (only orders over $100 will receive a small percentage off, this code is needed to give credit to the hostess).

How to enter the Coupon Code:
When you check out after you select your shipping option the next page asks you how you would like to pay (select your payment option first), below the payment selection there is an area where you can enter your coupon code and click on the redeem icon.

Payments accepted:
Money Order
E-mail money transfer (Canada Only) (note this will not be mentioned on the e-mail if you are in the US)
Cash on Pick Up (Local only) (note this will not be mentioned if you are not local)

Where to shop: www.scrapbookingoasis.com

Ask how you can host your own e-mail party today!
Your name here

That's the sample.....very easy to host...no clean up after...no parcels to deliver
E-mail me today to host your own party!

The referral Program is NOT applicable to the E-mail parties (ie you cannot refer customers to your e-mail party and receive credit for both).

Copyright © January 2004 *revised January 2007*

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