Diamond Glaze

Diamond Glaze is a water based dimensional adhesive that dries to a clear glass-like finish.
It securely holds vellum, glass beads, glitter, and many other mediums.
Diamond Glaze is also mixable with dye-based inks, watercolors, pearlescent pigments and more.
Diamond glaze is an acid free product.

Diamond glaze is a great product to use to create embellishments.
Create dew drops on a page, or make typewriter keys with diamond glaze.
Use it to seal pictures inside of a bottle cap.

Directions: Use directly over artwork for a raised glass-like finish. Thin with water for a
lacquer-like finish. Create your own custom colours by adding a small amount of dye ink.
Absolutely the best adhesive for gluing glitter, beads, glass, plastic and vellum to paper.
Cut tip low to increase flow. Do not shake. Keep tightly capped. Tip can be cleaned with a
straight pin. For more information check out diamondglaze.com

Diamond glaze is water soluble when wet and washes easily with soap and water.
When dry it makes a permanent adhesive, difficult to remove. Drying time for diamond glaze varies
depending on the thickness applied and the humidity in the air. It can take a few hours for drying.

Diamond glaze gives great dimension to your work.

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