How to Not Forget the Good Times

Follow these simple steps to remember the good times (even if you have a bad memory)!!


  1. Write all your happy memories down! Buy a diary, a notepad, or just a book and jot down all the happy things you remember! Everytime you feel down, open the book and read them!
  2. Create a scrapbook, full of pictures and notes. If you have tickets from a place you went to which was really good, or anything like that, stick them in!
  3. Put lots of pictures around your home of good times you've had!
  4. Create a memory box of special items. Get it out every so often and look through it.
  5. Talk! Tell your children, grandchildren, friends, family, anyone! Share each others good moments in life!
  6. Create a website to share with your friends and family, especially those who live far away.
  7. Play mind-challenging games, such as sudoku, crossword puzzles, or purchase a book that is designed to improve memory.
  8. Place ideas and what you're planning (color samples, sketches of your ideas, etc.) in the scrapbook.


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