Pre-Order Provo Craft Gypsy

We have the new Provo Craft Gypsy on our site ready for Pre-order. We will be adding the sleeves, ac power supply, vehicle power supply and stylus packs shorty - if they are not on the site when you pre-order but wish to order them as well please put a comment with your order.

The Gypsy is the newest crafting “toy” to be introduced by Provo. It puts the designing capabilities of Cricut Design Studio into the palm of your hands. Previously to use the Design Studio, you had to own a computer and that computer had to be hooked to your Cricut. The Gypsy allows crafters to create ANYWHERE and then cut their designs later with the Cricut. Think of the Gypsy as an “iPod for your Cricut”. Or a harddrive for all your cartridges.

The Gypsy allows you to combine elements from any cartridge that has been linked to that Gypsy. (The cartridges then become “linked” to that particular Gypsy and will still work in a Cricut but can’t be downloaded into a second Gypsy.) The Gypsy screen will display all the images available for each cartridge. No more hunting for a cartridge manual to see what you get it you hit SHIFT-SHADOW-L! It will show right on the display.

The Gypsy allows you to manipulate each image. Shrink, enlarge, rotate, skew, flip and more are available instantly. Watch this video to learn more about the Gypsy’s features. http://www.provocraft.com/gypsy/test-drive.html

Here is the link to Pre-Order the Gypsy

Please put in the order By Tomorrow (Friday August 14) 3pm EST

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