How to add text to your scrapbook

One of the most important elements of any scrapbook is the wording that accompanies the photos. Your scrapbook is an illustrated chronicle of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Put as much thought into your wording and its placement as you do into the placement of photos and the decoration of pages.


  1. Make sure that the writing and lettering implements you use in your scrapbook are acid-free and fade-resistant. Products that are not labeled "acid-free," "archival" or "photo-safe" could react chemically with your photos and cause them to fade.
  2. Investigate scrapbook Web sites, magazines and books for ideas on how to incorporate text onto the pages of your book. Seeing what other scrapbook enthusiasts have done can help inspire you in the creation of your own unique scrapbook pages.
  3. Layout is up to you and makes it look great
    Determine the wording and placement of your text in advance to avoid making irreversible mistakes on the finished page.
  4. Make the lettering of your text special. Explore different fonts and lettering mediums - adhesive-backed and paste-on paper letters come in all sizes, styles and colors! You might even try your hand at calligraphy.
  5. Write titles and captions only or combine them with descriptions and thoughts about the photos (include thoughts from family and friends). You can also use poems or quotations as accompanying text for your photos.
  6. Add a picture and the contents
    Remember that your scrapbook is also a genealogical record. You are chronicling family history for the pleasure and education of future generations as well as your own. Include dates and as many complete names as possible.
  7. Be creative with the placement of text. You can use text as a border for a photo or as a decorative accent. For example, instead of coloring in a border or shape, fill in the empty space with text. Use text to create the stems of flowers or to make spirals or swirls.
  8. Use lightly-lined paper in your scrapbook if you are concerned about your ability to write straight. Alternately, use a ruler or other straight edge to keep the lines of text even. You can also trace letters onto your scrapbook page.


  • Look for scrapbook supplies in your local craft store and on the Internet. Make sure that all the materials are acid-free.
  • Look for fancy or unusual fonts and lettering styles on the Internet or in books and magazines.
  • Keep a journal. Use it to refresh your memory about a particular event. You could also keep notes with your photos. When you are ready to put the photos into a scrapbook, information about names, dates and events will be handy.
  • Use relevant song, book or movie titles as titles for your scrapbook pages.
  • Add text to a separate sheet of paper instead of writing directly in the book. Then you can cut the paper into any shape and place it anywhere on the page.
  • Print text onto vellum, then cut vellum to the size you want and attach to page with a sticker. You can also photocopy text onto vellum.


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