How to Create your first scrapbook page

Learn how to create and complete a scrapbooking layout which preserves your timeless memories for generations to come! Include journaling, keepsakes and treasures in an artistic way which will be a creative self-expression of you to pass on to the ones you love!


  1. Choose the photograph(s) which you want to create your layout around.
  2. Purchase Acid and lignin free papers which are either a contrast or complement to the colours/themes in the photographs you have chosen.
  3. Make a mat/border for your photograph to separate the photo from the background. The border can be even all the way around the photograph or thinner/thicker on two sides.
  4. Adhere your matted photographs to the background paper using acid/lignin free adhesives such as photo tabs or glues.
  5. Decorate your layout using embellishments such as stickers, diecuts, eyelets, brads, fibres, ribbons, foam, felt, glitters, etc.
  6. Make a special mat on which to write your journaling - your reflections and recollections about a special person, place, thing or memory.
  7. Use the computer, sticker alphabets, templates or your own handwriting to create titles which will draw the viewer's eye into the layout.


  • Try using patterned papers for your mat around the photo
  • Using acid/lignin free paper will ensure your pages do not yellow or deteriorate over time.
  • Purchase an acid/lignin free album to put your layouts in.
  • Keep creating - if you like it, it's perfect!
  • Try using Kodak backed photo paper. It keeps from fading better than any other backing.
  • Get copies of your favorite photos before you start in case you mess up.


  • If you are not sure if the paper or embellishments are acid/lignin free, do not adhere them to the photograph - place them elsewhere on the layout.




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