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We have ordered Cropperware Pages In Progress.
From the Cropperware Website:
Yes! You can leave that crop when the clock strikes midnight! No matter what stage your scrapbook page or craft project is in, lift it into the Page in Progress Box and secure loose elements with the super-powerful magnets. Put on the lid and voila! Your page is dust-free and portable (slide it into your supply tote--it's only 3/4" wide), and you didn't have to use any adhesive!
PIP can buy you:
1. More sleep!
Rather than pushing yourself to late-night bleary-eyed scrapbook page completion, you can stop cropping whenever you like with the confidence of knowing that when you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again everything will be right where you left it on your page--and you didn't have to leave it out to collect dust!

2. More crop time!
No more spilling an envelope full of page elements out on the table to spend 20-30 minutes recreating a layout you had started. As soon as you're ready to scrap, lift the lid off the P.i.P. Box and--voila! Look at what a genius you were when you started that page!

3. Confidence to act on creative inspiration when it strikes!
No longer will you have to brush aside a great scrapbook page idea when it strikes you because you don't have a large block of time to follow through. Feel like tinkering with some newly printed photos? Get your P.i.P. Box off the shelf, and even if you only have five minutes, every minute counts because that page in progress is going to be kept in place! Put on the lid and slide it back onto your bookshelf--no one even has to know you were just scrapbooking!

We also ordered templates from Crafters Workshop. These are really awesome doodling templates that I am sure you will love!

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